Outboards stolen 

​Max asked us to share.  Any info would be appreciated.  These people need to be caught……
Attention Everyone : Need Your Help Please! 
My Boat Dealership Capt Max King’s Marine located at 3829 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach was broken into last night during the Super Bowl. It appeared to be three individuals. They cut my security fence on the east side of my dealership and cut second entry on the south side. 
After gaining access to the service yard they immediately started cutting and disabling security cameras. I.e. Painting the lenses or putting covers over them. 
After that they gained access to the junction box for lights under the awning and cut the power. 
They also cut the lock to the west security gate to gain access to the service yard with a vehicle or vehicles
They stole and remove 6 new or relative new F300’S Yamaha and control boxes. These motors weigh around 600lbs. So there vehicle or vehicles had to have room for 6 of these rather large and heavy motors along with equipment to be able to lift and remove them. 
The individuals (thieves) were first seen on security cameras at 7:15pm Sunday night and last seen around 1:15am. They would have had to exit the service yard on the west side of our Dealership. 
Any help or clues to who might have done this would be greatly appreciated and will also earn you a honorary fishing team membership for my fishing team for life! 
Total retail cost of lost property will most likely be over  $200,000 
Please share! Thanks!